The included image on the left side of the screen is an image from the KIDMAP website. This image reads, There are plenty of recipes for creating high-quality, inclusive, children's media, and they feature many of these common key ingredients: 1. Rich stories, interesting topics, and engaging activities 2. Diverse cast of characters 3. Authentic backgrounds and traditions 4. Opportunities for kids to explore different ideas and points of view 5. Platform for kids to imagine, create, design, and express themselves. 6. Diverse creative teams 7. Functional Design 8. Accurate, current information 9. Research-based learning and literacy experiences 10. High quality artwork 11. Age-appropriate content 12. Coviewing and shared play support. The image ends.

Format: Tool

Description: The DIG checklist from Kids Inclusive and Diverse Media Action Project (KIDMAP) provides professionals with a handy tool to help them identify inclusive children’s media. The checklist can be adjusted for higher reading levels but provides a good starting rubric tool for those looking for an idea of what they should consider when reviewing materials for inclusion. This tool can also assist those looking to create materials or activities for use in the classroom or community.