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Talking Points is an app designed to confront the language barrier that often challenges  parental engagement with a tool that translates communications into the parent’s native language. The site uses a custom translation engine for two way translation between teachers and parents. Up to 28 languages are available with more being added over time; the list of languages are available on the site.

The tool’s creators understand the positive impact parental engagement has on child development and seek to support improving and easing engagement from parents that may have difficulty speaking English or communicating with teacher and schools. The app uses SMS as a way to make it more accessible to parents and to be aware of diverse socioeconomic status. Teachers and schools will need to be aware that while the app itself is free it also depends on parent’s phone and texting plans and that there could be a possible fee for parents if the SMS is not covered.

Registration is required. Free for individual teachers. School wide integration is available for a fee.